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Shielding from radiation

Dear Dr. Martin,
I would like to thank you for hosting the public forum on Wednesday. It was an important opportunity for the residents of Triangle Mountain to become educated by an expert on the dangers with which we are living.

As you could tell by the number of people who gave up a beautiful evening at home to attend, concern is high, and rightfully so. As many studies show, our health is at risk, and the risk increases with time. After 8-10 years of exposure, many severe diseases begin to appear. These towers have been in our midst now for 8 years.

Dr. Martin, it was the Federal Government (Health Canada and Industry Canada) that put us in this situation. Credible scientific evidence had been there for many years proving that RF causes harm to humans, yet the towers were allowed to be installed. And, as demonstrated by the extremely high readings Dr. Havas took in some residences, Industry Canada is failing to monitor and control the emissions as is its mandate. All of this while Industry Canada is paid billions of dollars a year by the corporations. This month alone, according to the Times Colonist, June 24, the corporations paid Industry Canada more than $4 billion in spectrum license fees.

Until these towers are removed, we must protect ourselves the only way we can, by installing filters and shielding, all of which are extremely expensive.

It is the Federal Government’s responsibility, in fact Health Canada’s job, to provide this protection. Dr. Martin, it is your job, too, to act on our behalf. We are asking, and expecting, that you immediately go to Prime Minister Harper, the Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Health, and the Honourable Jim Prentice, Minister of Industry, and demand that all costs for shielding and its installation be paid by the Federal Government for any residents of Triangle Mountain who fear that exposure levels are endangering their health.

Dr. Martin, the levels of radiation in my home were measured to be well above Safety Code 6 level of 200 microwatts and I intend to order my shielding within the next few days. As our Member of Parliament I’m sending the bill to you. I’m sure you know exactly the department to take it to.

Sharon Noble

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