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About 3 years ago CAUSE (Citizens Against UnSafe Emissions) began as a group of neighbours who suspected the FM transmitters might be causing some health problems. At that time we knew little about radiation or its dangers. Since then we’ve learned a lot. And now that we know that the dangers are real and great.

We now know that radiofrequency radiation can cause biological changes, some leading to diseases as serious as cancer. We now know that children and pets are especially vulnerable due to their small sizes. We now know that some diseases, such as MS and lupus, could be made worse by exposure to these transmitters.

Now it is time for the focus of CAUSE to change from one of “learning” to one of “doing”.

We need to develop a strategy for getting these towers moved QUICKLY, and to ensure that they are not moved to other residentials areas, such as Walfred Road. To that end, we need to expand our membership to include new people with ideas, energy and, above all, the willingness to work. To win this battle it will require dedication and a lot of time by many people. Up to this point, the brunt of the work has been done by a few. To achieve our goal of getting the towers removed, the workload needs to be expanded and shared.

There are battles that we’ve fought and avenues that we’ve explored, and we feel that it’s a waste of time, energy and resources to continue in this arena. Once we turn away from what hasn’t worked, can’t work, and accomplishes nothing if it does work, we are turning toward a winning strategy.

Things we’ve learned:

Don’t expect any help from Industry Canada or Health Canada. They don’t work for you. They work for the wireless industry.

Don’t expect any help from your Member of Parliament. He doesn’t understand the problem and may not care once he does.

At this juncture, we need to develop new strategies, ones that will work, ones that will result in getting these dangers out of our neighbourhood forever.

Possible new directions:

Public relations (shaming the wireless industry , eg. through letter writing campaigns and petitions) and legal options (eg. encouraging municipalities to enact preventive bylaws, pushing Colwood for testing) are two of our latest strategies for battling the transmission towers. We hope some of you will have other suggestions.

If you have ideas that you think might get rid of these transmission towers, then join us. If you fear for your loved one’s health and are willing to work to keep them safe, then join us. If you are angry that our government is not protecting us and are unwilling to give up when faced with bureaucratic roadblocks, then join us.

Call or email:

Sharon Noble Chris Burke
478-7892 474-1720
cause.tm@shaw.ca cause.tm@shaw.ca

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