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Testing and pets

If you were at the meeting last week, you heard one woman tell us all that she has lost 4 dogs to cancer since the transmitters were installed. Because pets are small, they are more vulnerable to the radiation than adult humans. They are may well be the “canary in the mineshaft”. I think it would be great interest, and perhaps something that can be used as evidence that something is wrong, to track this. If anyone who has lost pets and suspects something other than normal old age might be the cause, could you let me know?

As to a second point, Dr. Havas took some readings in the Bexhill Place area last week and found consistently that our exposure is above Safety Code 6 levels. We can’t fight Industry Canada with her meter’s results — we need the formal testing that Colwood has committed to perform. It would be wonderful if they would buy the equipment so long-term testing can be done in various locales. As Dr. Havas said, it’s not the 6 minute average amount that will do the damage but the peaks. As well, if Colwood purchased the meter, testing could be done during different types of weather. Humdity, fog, and rain can cause more reflection and, perhaps, cause the signal power to be increased.

But even if the City will only rent the meter, we need to push them to do it quickly. Even if they put the order in today, testing cannot occur before August. Phone calls and emails to the mayor and the councillors need to be made by many people — not just me. We are all involved and we’re all concerned. Tell them how worried you are for your health. We cannot be sure we’re buying the right shielding or fight Ind. Canada without this critical information. And we can’t wait. We need the testing now.


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