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New cell tower application

I now have some details about the proposed cell tower for Latoria between Desmond Pl. and Kelly Dawn. Bell Mobility is planning on building a 29meter tower with multiple cell antennae (they do not say how many) in a residential area. This is technically in Langford, but will directly radiate many residents in Colwood. Langford has refused to implement bylaws requiring consultation before towers are built or transmitters installed, so Industry Canada is required to informed only those people living within 3 tower lengths (eg. 87 meters).

There are many scientific studies, and have been for years, by credible researchers, including Dr. Magda Havas, which show that radiation from cell towers is very dangerous for up to 400 meters. Industry Canada now requires that all future transmitters be installed, where possible, on existing structures, so that no notice is required before installation. That means if this tower is allowed to be built, there will be many antennae on it — an antenna farm is even more dangerous as the power compounds.

This tower must be stopped and you have until Aug. 13 to register your protest in writing. Please write to:
Industry Canada: vancouver.district@ic.gc.ca
Minister of Industry Jim Prentice : minister.industry@ic.gc.ca
Deputy Min. of Industry Canada Richard Dicerni: dicerni.richard@ic.gc.ca
Asst. Deputy Min. of IC: Kevin Lindsey: lindsey.kevin@ic.gc.ca
Bell Mobility: Shawna Heming: shawna.heming@bell.ca
Keith Martin, MP: martik1@parl.gc.ca
Matthew Baldwin, Langford: mbaldwin@cityoflangford.ca

Please provide your name and address, and your demand that cell towers not be put into residential neighbourhoods, and that this one not be put on Latoria. YOU MUST WRITE BEFORE AUGUST 13

Your neighbours will be having a petition protesting this tower. Please sign.

Even if you are not directly affected by this tower, you need to support this movement. If this is allowed, all neighbourhoods are targets. Let’s work together to protect each other. Your neighbourhood could be next.

Sharon Noble

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