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Keith Martin public meeting

September 8, 2008 Leave a comment

Keith Martin sent a newsletter out a couple of weeks ago announcing all of his activities during the summer — but he neglected to mention our public meeting or anything about our towers. He will be having a public meeting this Thurs. Sept. 11, 7:00 pm at the Langford Legion, Branch #91, 761 Station Ave. This affords us an opportunity to ask him, if he is re-elected, how he will Read more…

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New cell tower application

I now have some details about the proposed cell tower for Latoria between Desmond Pl. and Kelly Dawn. Bell Mobility is planning on building a 29meter tower with multiple cell antennae (they do not say how many) in a residential area. This is technically in Langford, but will directly radiate many residents in Colwood. Langford has refused to implement bylaws requiring consultation before towers are built or transmitters installed, so Industry Canada is required to informed only those people living within 3 tower lengths (eg. 87 meters).

There are many Read more…

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About 3 years ago CAUSE (Citizens Against UnSafe Emissions) began as a group of neighbours who suspected the FM transmitters might be causing some health problems. At that time we knew little about radiation or its dangers. Since then we’ve learned a lot. And now that we know that the dangers are real and great.

We now know that radiofrequency radiation can cause biological changes, some leading to diseases as serious as cancer. We now know that children and pets are especially vulnerable due to their small sizes. We now know that some diseases, such as MS and lupus, could be made worse by exposure to these transmitters.

Now it is time for the focus of CAUSE to change from one of “learning” to one of “doing”.

We need to develop a strategy for getting these towers Read more…

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WCB info.

I have been asked by Dave Saunders to find out if anyone who carries WCB is working at home. Also, he would like to know about anyone who is working for you, such as gardeners. Mr. Saunders is attempting to involve WCB in forcing Industry Canada to enforce its regulations.

You can respond to me or directly to Mr. Saunders at:

Thank you.

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