Letter to Dr. Martin, re. Petition, Feb. 7, 2009

 (No response ever received)
 Saturday, February 7, 2009 9:41 am
Subject: Petition to Auditor General
To: Keith Martin <martik1@parl.gc.ca>,Keith Martin <martik@parl.gc.ca>
 Dear Dr. Martin,
 After a delay of more than 4 months, my first petition has been  released to the public with the few responses we’ve received  from Health Canada. As of the date of the posting, no responses  had been received from Industry Canada, even though under the  Auditor General Act the responses should have been received  within 120 days of receipt of the petition.

 The petition and “responses” can be found at www.oag-bvg.gc.ca,  going into English, then “Search” and then inputting “Petition  255”. The second petition has not been made public yet. I will  advise you when it is. 

Just today we received Industry Canada’s responses and they are  pathetic to say the least. In response to a question regarding  how many complaints or concerns with regard to EMR or  transmitters have been registered via letter, email or phone  call over the last year, I was told that Industry Canada does  not keep such records. Most of the questions were not addressed at all, which demonstrates the contempt that Industry Canada feels toward the public. In fact, I believe it shows that similar contempt is felt toward the Auditor General and the entire process of acccountability. Hopefully their responses will be available shortly and that you will share my outrage.

 Dr. Martin, you told me you would be addressing the concern of the citizens of Triangle Mountain with Parliament.  Could you  please tell me what has occurred to date and the results?

Sharon Noble
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