About C.A.U.S.E.

For a number of years there was a relatively small somewhat unobtrusive radio tower on Triangle Mountain. Over the years housing developments came to surround the existing small tower. The area is zoned as residential.

In 2000 a major upgrade was performed doubling the size of the original tower and a second one was added. This was executed very quickly and with no prior notice to the residents of the area. Investigation revealed that the upgrade was approved by Industry Canada, the Federal agency responsible, and signed off by the City of Colwood. Niether body consulted with or advised the homeowners.

The end result was an increase from one transmitter to 3 transmitters with power capacity of 140,000 watts,two Radio Station Link Transmitters, and a Cell Transmitter. They are as close as 38 meters to the houses at the base of the tower.


Subsequently, a Colwood Council Committee (Triangle Mountain Transmission Towers Citizens Committee) was formed to investigate the matter. The committee continues to this day. While it has found that the original decision-making process was flawed, they have been unable to convince any of the parties to reconsider the decision or even open it up for discussion. They insist that the installation is operating within federal safety standards.

Not only are these structures a major danger to health, theyare and have been a nuisance in the neighbourhood. Homeowners have experienced garage doors operating involuntarily,as well as TV,radio and telephone reception interference. A number of residents have complained of health problems which they attribute to the high electro magnetic radiation.

Health concerns and the lack of committee results led to the formation of a new committee of concerned homeowners (CAUSE) early in 2007. This group has recently come across a number of studies by credible experts indicating, very clearly, that Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR)definitely can have an effect on health for anyone living within a 2Km radius of major transmitters. They also indicate that the Canadian Federal Safety Standards are inadequate in providing appropriate protection. They are substantially more liberal than those found in many other countries.

For more specifics on these findings we urge readers to review the documents referenced on the Key Documents/videos page.

The Citizen’s Committee (CAUSE) continues to work to advise the public and government of these issues, pressing for changes in the standards and removal of the Triangle Mountain towers.

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