What Colwood’s Doing


1.EMR TRANSMITTERS TASK FORCE – Established and ratified by Colwood Council in November, 2008.
2. ANTENNA CONSULTATION POLICY —  first revision passed by Council , December 15, 2008. No transmitters, whether they are new or replacements, are excluded. Colwood is to be advised of all proposed devices and structures, no matter the entity doing the proposing, the height of the tower, or the modifications, installations or activation planned. The second revision passed by Council Aug. 2009, furthering defining limitations.  The complete policy is available at the City of Colwood website. (www.colwood.ca)
3.TERMS OF REFERENCE for EMR Transmitters Task Force – adopted by Council, June 8, 2009. To recommend to Council appropriate measures, whether by implementation of new bylaws and policies or amendment of current bylaws and policies, to ensure the health of citizens is protected. For greater detail, see the City of Colwood website.
4.REGULATORY NUISANCE (electronic signals) BYLAW – pending ratification by Council. The purpose of the proposed nuisance bylaw is to have the power of the FM transmitters lowered to a level at which they no longer interfere with electronic equipment. To attempt to force the complete removal of the towers could possibly conflict with inter-jurisdictional immunity rules in that it could indirectly impair a federally sanctioned enterprise. According to Industry Canada’s testing in 2002, the power output of the FM transmitters was measured to be 1100% of that allowed. In the 7 years since, the power has not been reduced and harmful interference continues to be experienced.
5. ELECTROMAGNETIC SENSITIVITY PROCLAMATION MONTH –The City of Colwood declared August EMS month, being the first Canadian city to recognize this devastating condition which is related to exposure to electromagnetic radiation and dirtyelectricity.                                                                                                                                                                                      6. PORTO ALEGRE RESOLUTION — On Nov. 24, 2009 Mayor Saunders signed the Porto Alegre Resolution, becoming the first Canadian city to support the recommendations  for implementation of the Precautionary Principle made at the international conference in Brazil. Scientists confirmed that evidence confirms that EMR causes biological harm and caution should be required by governments and agencies responsible for public health.

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