What Other Countries Are Doing

  RANCAGUA , Chile . Dec. 4, 2009 – The Commission of the Appeal Court in Rancagua has ordered the mobile phone company Entel PCS to dismantle a mobile phone mast in the O’Higgins district in the town of Santa Cruz. In a unanimous decision, the defence being undertaken by the lawyer Carlos Aránguiz, the public minister of the first chamber of the Appeal Court, Carlos Bañados, passed judgment in favour of the demand for protection of the public presented by Diego Cardoen Delano, representative of the Cardoen foundation.The judgment established that the installation “of the structure violates constitutional rights with regard to articles 19, n° 1 (right to life and to physical and psychological integrity), n° 9 (right to health protection) and n° 8 (right to live in a healthy environment free from all pollution) of the political Constitution of Chile. ”

Israel, July, 2009 – The Minister of the Environment bans wireless equipment in houses, including phones and internet connections, that emit non-stop radiation. Invoking the Precautionary Principle, the Minister stated that “The health consideration is before any economic consideration and we don’t have any intention to compromise on that subject”

Liechtenstein, June, 2009 —The Parliament of Liechtenstein, by unanimous vote, has ordered cellular phone companies to limit EMR power density levels to that recommended in the BioInitiative Report. The cell phone companies threatened to pull out of the country. The Parliament countered by saying that if they did, the government would take over their operations and lease them to complying companies.

June, 2009 — Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to support Federal legislation to repeal those portions of the Act and to return these powers to the local government.
May 26, 2009 — Los Angeles Unified School District (approximately 600 schools) – The Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution supporting the deployment of fibre optic broadband technology because it is faster, more secure, can handle more data and is safer than wireless technology.
May 2009 Portland, Oregon – The City Council has voted to recommend that the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) “revisit and update studies on potential health concerns” arising from wireless emissions.

France May 25, 2009. — The Association of Mayors of French cities has called for an experiment in lowering EMR power density to the BioInitiative level this summer. Grenoble and several other cities have volunteered to participate.

April, 2009 — The City of Herouille St. Clair decided to apply the Precautionary Principle towards cell phone antennae.

January,2009 — The French government has acted to ban all advertising of mobile phones to children under 12, make illegal sale of phones for children under age 6, and made it compulsory that all cell phones be sold with earpieces.

February, 2009 — Versailles Court of Appeals ordered the removal of a cell tower in a neighbourhood by concluding that it was a significant environmental nuisance because of its deleterious impact on health.

March, 2009 “Crisis in France”: As of this date, there were 135 lawsuits pending against mobile phone companies in France.

Germany , September, 2007 — The Environmental Minister warns citizens to use wired internet connections instead of WiFi and landlines instead of mobile phones.

European Parliament, September, 2008 — Voted 559-22 to urge ministers across Europe to bring in stricter radiation limits. European limits are already significantly lower than Canada’s.

United States – The Telecommunications Act of 1996, under the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), prevents state and local governments from regulating cell towers and wireless facilities on health and environmental grounds. *

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