France, Jan-May 2009

January,2009 — The French government has acted to ban all advertising of mobile phones to children under 12, make illegal sale of phones for children under age 6, and made it compulsory that all cell phones be sold with earpieces.

February, 2009 — Versailles Court of Appeals ordered the removal of a cell tower in a neighbourhood by concluding that it was a significant environmental nuisance because of its deleterious impact on health.

March, 2009 “Crisis in France”:  As of this date, there were 135 lawsuits pending against mobile phone companies in France.

April, 2009 — The City of Herouille St. Clair decided to apply the Precautionary Principle towards cell phone antennae. 

May 25, 2009. — The Association of Mayors of French cities has called for an experiment in lowering EMR power density to the BioInitiative level this summer. Grenoble and several other cities have volunteered to participate

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